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As featured in the Nspire Magazine Summer/Fall 2015 Coeur d’Alene Edition

By: Kristina Lyman/Photography by: Benjamin Powell

Grab a box of Junior Mints from the candy counter and take a seat. Set your drink in the cupholder and press the air conditioner button. It’ll stay nice and cool.

Now, lean back, relax and enjoy the show.

There is no better place to watch a movie than in this smarthome theater. The picture is an incredibly clear 4K HD, which means it is four times the high definition of a standard HD TV. Add to that the 9,500-watt sound system, and you might as well be sitting in an IMAX.

The ambiance, too, is so spectacular it’s hard to keep your eyes on the screen. Leopard print carpet, suede walls, glowing Marvel characters and a twinkling starlit ceiling leave you awestruck. But with a touch of an iPad, the room turns black and the only thing in front of you is the 185-inch screen.

Designed and installed by Coeur d’Alene Smart Homes, this 700 square-foot completely soundproof theater is a dream. And despite its sophisticated technology, the theater is surprisingly easy to operate. Everything is controlled by an app.

The theater, which seats about 20, is on the lower level of a newly built 14,000 square-foot home. The homeowner wanted a fun room for his family and friends to enjoy. They got one.

Everything about this theater screams fun, including the one- of-a-kind collection of superhero statuettes that lines the walls in lighted display cases. Each bust was custom molded overseas and shipped to the homeowner, who is obviously a huge fan of comic book superheroes. Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk are just a few of the characters he had made for his theater. He admits he wasn’t sure the busts would work with the décor, but there is no question – they do. In fact, they work so well he’s planning to add more.


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