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Conquering Jacob’s Ladder

The North Fork Championship of 2015 By Doug Copsey / Photography by Chris Celentano Dane Jackson steered his RV off the highway onto a narrow dirt pullout along the Payette River, about 8 miles north of Banks, Idaho. The two young men with him crowded forward to peer eagerly out the picture-window-size windshield and their energy level instantly ramped up. “Holy…!” one of them cried. “We’re going to run that?” Dane just smiled. It was the first time his fellow kayakers had seen the infamous Jacob’s Ladder rapid, a full quarter-mile of steep, rock-strewn, Class Five (V) whitewater that seemed…

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Spaghetti Pescatore

Tony’s on the Lake Chef Cheyenne D’Alessandro Chef Cheyenne D’Alessandro started cooking at her parents’ newly purchased restaurant in 2003, shortly after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York. Previously she studied culinary arts in Florence, Italy. She’s been wowing guests at Tony’s ever since. INGREDIENTS » 4 oz dry pasta » 4 jumbo prawns » 4 U10 scallops (dried really well) » 4 oz halibut » 6 mussels » 2 tbsp olive oil » 1/4 cup vodka » 1 cup tomato sauce of choice » 1/2 cup heavy cream Cook and drain pasta, set…

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Love on Killarney Lake

Every year, a beautiful love story plays out on the waters of Idaho. It’s a classic boy-meets-girl story. She knows she has reached the age when she is ready to meet her soul mate and create a life together. He has been waiting patiently to meet “the one” but nothing has felt quite right. Then one day, while swimming in Killarney Lake, she sees him through the crowd. Their eyes lock. She knows instantly she has just met her mate. They quickly glide toward each other and begin swimming side by side while they wildly preen their feathers…. Yes, this…