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Leigh Lake – Libby, MT

Packing a raft is optional, but on a nice day, well worth it. Photographer Joel Riner The hike from the trailhead to lake is about 1.4 miles with an elevation gain of 1295’. Bring your map. The trail can be a bit tough to follow at times. This is a moderately difficult hike for an intermediate trekker. Chic Burge heads back towards our rafts on the Southern end of the lake. A higher clearance vehicle is recommended to get to trailhead. One option, on calm days, is to pack an inflatable raft so you can paddle to the opposite shore…

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Microgreens: Growing Lilliputian Bites of Nourishment

By: S. Michal Bennett Each spring, gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere begin sprouting seeds that will soon be placed into the dirt and grow into full, vibrant plants, yielding colorful vegetables, flowers and fruits throughout the summer. Then winter comes. Our gardens go into hibernation, and grocery store produce becomes small, bland and fragile. But I say this is the time to think about sprouting seeds again. Or, in other words, cultivating microgreens. >> What Are They? “Microgreen” is really just a fancy word for those immature starter shoots that you germinate indoors in the spring, but instead of allowing them…