Every issue of Nspire Magazine features recipes from the regions top chefs, takes you on great outdoor adventures and getaways, and opens the doors to beautiful homes and architecture. Nspire will also introduce you to local artists, offer fitness tips, organic gardening techniques, and healthy foods. Live Nspired.

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Lost by a Stream

It's almost impossible to avoid the exquistie scenery of North Idaho. Event the backroads that lead to many of its best hiking spots are cloaked in its natural splendor. Less then 20 minutes from the freeay, you're already standing at the trailhead. Click for directions

Shushi Recipes

Spot of Sushi

3 local pro chefs offer up some of their top Sushi recipes. Recipes include Chef Ryan Bougard's Mothra Handroll. Chirashi Scattered Sushi from Chef Troy Chandler. Sushi Nachos from Chef Travis Whiteside.

Terrain Parks

An Evening of Culture

Anticipation overwhelmed me as I thought about the unique night ahead. My family and I were going to experience the Festival at Sandpoint for the first time. Since 1983, this non-profit festival has hosted its renowned summer concert series in the casual and relaxed atmosphere of Memorial Field.


Jeff Yates

Treetop Flyers

Butterscotch. The boys and I cannot believe it. perched on a platform encircling a tree 200 feet from the ground, clipped in at our harnesses to the cables above, our noses nuzzled into the thick orange scales of the Ponderosa Pine.


Home Feature

Building a home. Sharing a dream

I had the good fortune of getting to know some inspiring homeowners for this edition's architectural series. Each had undertaken major projects to build their dream homes on North Idaho's glistening lakes...